Enriching the Magical Storytelling Virtual Retreat

Set aside some time to delve into these additional videos before they are gone.

Aurora Farber

I wanted to check in and see how you guys were doing on Day 1 of our Magical Storytelling Journey! Here is some food for thought! A question for you guys to think about!

Kevan Manwaring

For Day 2 of Magical Storytelling we have a short teaching video and Meditation! Here we explore the tradition of the Celtic Bard and the word for divine inspiration -- Awen! If you haven't seen today's Interview, you might want to watch that first!

Let me know how it feels to connect with Awen! I'd love to hear your experience with the meditation : )

Rebecca Cavender

I have another Short Teaching Video/Meditation for Day 3 of Magical Storytelling! This is a process to empty out and make room for inspiration! It works with the energy and symbol of the Chalice!! I know that many of you are still catching up on the Interviews, so feel free to come back to this video later when you're ready!! This exercise was created to honor our Day 3 Speaker, Priestess and Poet, Rebecca Cavender.


 Michael Trotta

If you watched Michael Trotta's Day 4 Interview you'll remember that he recited part of a poem, but couldn't share the whole thing! That's because it's a VERY long poem. I wanted to give you guys a chance to hear it, so this is an extra special video for you!


Eimear Stassin

I am excited to share a magical message from the fairies! During my interview with Eimear, we talked about fairies a little bit, but mostly focused on the Sacred Goddesses of Ireland and the Witches of Scotland! I felt called to add a little Fairy Wisdom to our Magical Storytelling Retreat!! 


Astara Ashley

Today I wanted to give you a writing prompt of my own! I hope it activates the power of your sacred voice! 

Shamim Allu

When Shamim and I were saying goodbye after our interview, she told me an amazing thing to do in order to create more peace in my life. I wanted to share it with all of you!!

Elizabeth Bercovici  |  Magical Storytelling

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